One Home… One Neighborhood… $120,000


One Home… One Neighborhood… $120,000…

Is the goal we have our eyes set on as we prepare for our next home build this coming March.  This house is a partnership between Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity, Heritage Builders and the local community to help more families have access to decent and affordable housing.  In 2017, for the first time in almost ten years, Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity returns to Manhattan, Kansas to build House #27.



We won’t stop at a single home.  Our House #27 will be built on the historic Yuma Street.  Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with Heritage Builders, intends to revitalize this neighborhood through our Rock The Block Manhattan 2017 initiative.  This neighborhood “spruce up” will assist homeowners with needed home repairs, maintenance, weatherization, safety, accessibility and beautification.


Habitat’s Role

  • Secure land for the build and manage the development of the site
  • Provide house plans, obtain permits, and obtain donations of targeted materials
  • Manage the marketing and communications of the event
  • Select the homeowners based on Habitat’s family selection criteria

Heritage Builders Role

  • Partner with Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity for construction of House #27
  • Donate time, material and services to build home
  • Leverage relationships to encourage subcontractors to donate time and services


Housing provides more than just a roof over someone’s head, it provides:

  • Stability for families and children
  • Physical safety and security
  • A sense of dignity and pride

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