Who’s Buying House #27?

wilhoite-familyMeet the Wilhoite Family…

Born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas, Ernest & Kayla Wilhoite are proud to call Manhattan home for themselves and their four children: Lorenzo, Izeyah, Knylah and Elijah.

This Manhattan house is a true answer to prayer in so many ways.  Living in a three bedroom, two  bath single wide trailer becomes more of a challenge for the Wilhoites each year as their four children grow into teenagers.  But a sweet twist to the story places our House #27 on historic Yuma Street, where Ernest and Kayla grew up and will be surrounded by family and friends.

Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity is excited to build a Habitat home in Manhattan –  the first time Habitat has built here in almost a decade – and to have the opportunity to “Rock” the Yuma block and complete badly needed repairs for low income homeowners in a historically important neighborhood in  our community.