MAHFH Celebrates 25 Years of Service

What do you know about the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity (MAHFH)?

This was a question we asked numerous people within the age groups of teens to adults, and their answers were varied but still showed us that there is more advocacy necessary on our part to properly spread the message of our purpose. Moreover, common responses were usually similar to, “Habitat for Humanity builds houses,” and, “I don’t exactly know, but I believe that this organization provides their services for the overall well-being of the community”. Although these results were expected from a minority of the Manhattan, Kansas community, albeit slightly shocking to those who have be involved with MAHFH for a few years or volunteer regularly, it can only be assumed that a majority, in fact, must have these same ideas. As we are embarking on MAHFH’s twenty-fifth year of service in Riley and Pottawatomie County, we decided to compile a list of twenty-five facts about this Manhattan-based organization from various articles, such as the Grow Green Match Day page and the MAHFH office manager, Melody Sexton.

  1. Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity (MAHFH) is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), and shares the hope and mission of eliminating poverty housing in both our local and global communities.

  2. September 2019 marks Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity’s 25th Anniversary

  3. MAHFH was founded in 1994 by a group of Manhattan, Kansas citizens concerned about the lack of affordable housing in the area. Soon after this, the first house was built in 1996.

  4. MAHFH is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization

  5. Our partner families are not given a home, but an opportunity to build confidence, self-worth and responsibility through home ownership.

  6. MAHFH must raise all funding locally to support our building, rehab, repair and advocacy projects. However, in recognition of our global mission, MAHFH regularly tithes to HFHI in order to support decent, affordable housing worldwide, and serve more families.

  7. MAHFH serves Pottawatomie and Riley Counties, with homes built in Manhattan, Ogden, St. George, and Wamego.

  8. MAHFH is a “hand up, not hand out” organization, where homes are not given away but are sold with an affordable mortgage to Habitat Homeowners that successfully complete their required training programs and sweat equity hours

  9. Volunteer service is not just encouraged, but necessary to achieving our goals. In turn, our construction and repair projects allow members of the community to contribute labor, monetary support, and prayer to our mission, involving the community as a whole and growing our family with every new home.

  10. Our Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a discount home improvement store selling new and used building materials, home improvement supplies, and appliances to raise money and support for the affiliate. ReStore and MAHFH are operated by the same organization and share the same goal: to end poverty housing

  11. In 2018 MAHFH launched its Habitat Repair Team program – low income and senior citizen critical repair and home maintenance program

  12. MAHFH has completed 28 homes. Build 29 is our Bennett Build in Ogden, in memory of longtime supporters Tom & Gayle Bennett

  13. Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity is enables new homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, no more than 30% of their monthly earnings

  14. Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity has conducted 48 repairs since the creation of the repair program in August 2018

  15. As of September 2019, nine mortgages have been paid off by Habitat Homeowners

  16. 62 community collaborations have been developed to address affordable housing issues

  17. In FY 2018, approximately 4703 hours of volunteer work was accumulated

  18. 97 tons of material is recycled through the ReStore annually

  19. 1341 volunteers offered their time and support to the local MAHFH efforts in FY 2018

  20. 21 individuals received vocational training in 2019

  21. The MAHFH ReStore was originally opened 2005 and will move to the new location of 514 Pillsbury Drive Manhattan, Kansas in October 2019

  22. In 2018, MAHFH received the Certified Aging In Place designation

  23. MAHFH offers homeowners the educational resources they need in order to independently support the weight of housing costs, healthcare, utility bills, and other basic necessities

  24. One of the most recognizable influencers involved with Habitat for Humanity is the former US president Jimmy Carter, serving our country from 1977-1981 and providing his service to the world organization since 1984

  25. Millard and Linda Fuller founded the first Habitat for Humanity in Americus, Georgia in 1976

Even as the years go by, Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity is still exuberant about serving local community members with a hand up by offering resources to live independently in place where they can call home. Furthermore, we want community members to know that our goal is worldwide access to affordable housing for all; please help us spread the word.

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