Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity partners with retired Veterans

With a stated mission “seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope,” Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity provides families with a safe, affordable place they can call home.

Along with building new homes, Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity also does essential home repairs on families existing homes. Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity is a Veterans Build Affiliate. They pledge to partner with veterans to build new homes or repair/renovate established homes.

Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity just completed a home repair for Robert and Patricia Dolan with the help of many generous volunteers. Robert is a former Marine which made him a perfect match for the Veterans Build Affiliate. The repair team consisted of 34 volunteers, and took four sessions to complete, which is around 168 volunteer hours. Repairing started on September 1st and finished on October 20th.

Kansas State Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s helped with the repairs on the Dolan household. Ryan Montgomery is Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s President.

“I chose to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity because I know how important it is for a house to feel like a home.” Montgomery said. “My favorite part was knowing there will be recipients who will really appreciate my work that I will never meet, but it is a great feeling.”

Landon Delaney, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Community Service Chair, said, “I know the work that they (Manhattan Area Habitat of Humanity) does is for the good of the Manhattan community. My favorite part of the project was getting to know the person who we helped, and actually see the people who we are helping.”

Melody Sexton is the office manager for Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity.

“We are proud to be a Veterans Build Affiliate. This is a military town, and it is an hour to partner with those who have served our country,” Sexton said. “Affordable housing is an issue that affects all of us.”

Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity has many opportunities for students and the community to volunteer and be involved within Manhattan. Information about the organization can be found at

(Habitat Repair Team Projects Supported by: Flint Hills Veterans Coalition, Caroline Peine Foundation and Diehl Fund Grants)

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